Princess Jabba
(Seiti, Noll)

You were special from the start
And that's the only line I've got
No song will ever be as beautiful as you

Despite the things that all went wrong
Still it's a fact that it's exactly you where I belong

It's now that I can tell
Life ain't no wishing well
So you walked out and broke my heart
And I'll break the remaining parts now

A force of nature
We're arrogation
Afraid of heights - still we did fly
And I can recall why

Untie our bond
Untie our bond

You live, you love and you forget
Sometimes some things stay in your head
Few keep you company for years
It's one that never disappears

A yet unwritten melody
One diamond in an all-black sea
Memory of a thing long gone
Siebengebirge Hard Rock song

Everything we did was right
Fuck those who think otherwise

You did save the world for me
Gave sense to all misery
This Lady I won't forget
No-one needs to mention that

Untie our bond
Untie our bond

You are the One

Untie our bond
Untie our bond
You are
The One

The only One