(Rill, Engel, Noll)

I'm writing down these words 'cause I am bored to death again
It feels like this tune here will soon be wiped out of my brain
Well I don't give a damn - what should I care - it's all the same
So I'm holding on to these strings
Instead of stoppin' rollin' trains
About time to figure out an easy sing-along refrain

It's my smashhit
For a day

Why am I doing this?
What makes me think I can go on?
Oh no

I made it up to here - must be the second verse I'm in
Simple like this day the arrangement seems to be repeating
This damn weather won't change - thoughts drift away - I give a moan
For every thing I do every tiny bit seems to be wrong
I was searching for help
But remedy's nowhere but home

It's my smashhit
For a day

I'm lonesome and fucked-up so all that's left is to complain
And I want you all to hear that
I know that's far from being sane
The only thing that's swell is this shit that I am screaming

It's my smashhit
For a day
It's my smashhit

For a day