Fact no. 1

This page is sloppy and has no design at all because we're lazy and not so much into the internet anyway.
Fuck communities.
We do not see the point in paying any couch potatoe for this shit so this is gonna stay this way.

Fact no. 2

The Suicide Gums were founded in the year known as 2006. That is before February 9th.
The first song was written one day after foundation.

Fact no. 3

The Suicide Gums are:

Eddie - guitar, vocals
Max - guitar, vocals
Paddy - drums
Sonni - bass

Fact no. 4

The Suicide Gums ex-members:

Lutz Pfefferle:
Founding member of the band.
He was supposed to play guitar. He never showed up to any rehearsal and still we stayed friends.
Lutz died some years ago in a car accident.

Tim Rill:
Founding member of the band.
He played guitar and was the main singer of the band for the first one or two years.
He left to concentrate on his other band project called "Grannies Panties". He is playing guitar and doing vocals there until today.

Stefan "Lue" Lueder:
Founding member of the band.
Lue played bass and did the background vocals for the Gums in the first years (let's say four).
Great friendship, great sessions, passionate bandmember. At some point he decided that there are things more important to him than music, moved to Berlin and left the band with this.
One of the last things he did as a bandmember was rehearsing with Max and introducing him with this.

Patrick Sauer:
This guy came a short while before Tim left. He played guitar for quite a while. WHEN he appeared we had fun. When he did not appear he gave us a hard time rehearsing.
That he left the band was never really settled. We didn't tell him to fuck off and he didn't tell us to fuck off...
We just never heard any word of him again. So we started to search for a new guitarman.
The reason why he's not with us anymore is not known to us.

Fact no. 5

Whatever you think of us as persons - it's wrong.