There are things that are important and there are things that are not important and less.
Seems we usually spend our time with the second of things and seem to forget our priorities in life.
Not to say that we almost let them die.
Nonetheless we are still in the prosuction process of our first album.
That's what happens when you want to do a four-track-demo and do everything yourself.
You end up having an album full of stuff that is older than your current relationship and yet still unfinished.
Good news is that we still like it a lot and that we are still able to identify ourselves 100% with this very recording that still needs some time to be done.
One thing we learned is not to talked about time-measures anymore though.


Yeah so we ARE recording the demo and drums and one guitar are already on tape.
It's Max's turn to record his guitar now which he did but then shit happened and now he has to start again.
New songs are also being made and we think the demo is going down a good way.
After all it's just been a little over a year. And what is a year for the Gums?!...


There's stuff going on n' shit...

Hello again.
We have decided to do a demo tape!
Won't actually be a tape but the word sounds pretty cool and kind of old school and after all that's what we'd like to be as a band.
We are recording the guidetracks right now and hope to release it in Winter 2011 / 2012.
Tracklist is not set yet. We settled on recording all tracks and decide about the tracklist later.
There's twelve songs in the bank.


Once again there's gonna be a Gums gig at the Lorbass, Gelnhausen.
May 7th around 10 pm.
Now thanks everybody for the last gig!!!
We had a very good time and enjoyed it very much ourselves. We were quite surprised by some reactions like singing along,
applauding real loud and demanding an encore. We're feeling honoured about that and seriously appreciate everything you guys gave us this evening.
Thanks a lot!
Also thanks to Rebuke and From The Tracks whom we enjoyed musically and personally. We just felt really welcome throughout the whole evening and the
aftershowparty which was pretty killer to us. But then again Sonni and Eddie were the last men standing. Bottom line: WE WON!
Seriously: Great evening.
New song "Princess Jabba" got pretty good reactions and we appreciate that a lot.
By the way the chorus is not "I die for you" but "Untie our bond".
Thanks for listening to that anyway.
Peace out. See you Saturday.


Apparently we're gonna play a gig at the Lorbass again. It's settled for April 19th which is like in nine days...
Fuck that's NINE days!!!


Yeah well...
"CSI Yourself" became a constant part of our set (which we never play - 'cause apparently we don't play gigs) and we decided about the titles of two other new songs:
"36" took a very intense brainstorming process to come up with this title (I'm not even joking).
Song is finished. Lyrics are not.
"Princess Jabba": Well we just played a version that was like the first thing to being final. Still changes might be happening.
But then again the lyrics are not finished.
Which doesn't really matter because I don't know who I'm writing that for anyway.
It just seemed pretty long since the last news.


Make that four new songs.
One of them is finished. It's called "CSI Yourself" and the lyrics are online.
Eddie is on tour again and will return on christmas.
Until then we're trying to figure out a way to keep the band going even if we're not all available for band rehearsals.


Yes we're doing this so that there is at least something happening on this page.
We're back together for three weeks until duty calls again. The two new songs became three. A lot is changing.
As for the Suicide Gums this seems to be a step forward.
What are this news are about?
- We are back in the rehearsal room!
As often as possible.


There's a lot this band's got to learn about playing a live gig.
That's the bottom line of our last gigs review.
Max had a great gig. The rest of us ended up complaining about their individual performances.
And then we found ourselves losing our rehearsal room.
Two weeks ago we got a new one. There are two new songs we're working out.
The theory is to get new gigs in January due to Eddies touring.
We're curious and willing...


The news of another gig just arrived and guess where we're gonna play...
In the exact same venue we played exactly one month before (watch the date of the news...).
Well - we're gonna do it!
By the way that justified a live-category which is online from now on.
Hey that increases our live history a LOT!


It seemed to be time to go online again...

We re-formed, we rehearsed, we even wrote on new arrangements, new lyrics and one new song.
We've got 8 finished songs that the current line-up is capable of playing.

That's at least a start.

So we decided to accept gigs from February 2010 onwards since we had 45 minutes to fill.
All that and the thought of people asking us for a webpage seemed to be reason enough to do this.

Talking about the page:
There are our lyrics 'cause that seems to make sense.
There are some facts to cut long stories short.
There surely is our old guestbook which has been reset. It hasn't been used that much the first time but anyway we like it and so it's public again.
There are no further infos on the bandmembers. We couldn't think of anyone being interested in that useless shit.
If you do have a use on any information of us there will surely be another way to contact us. Fuck that wannabe-star-shit. Sorry.

The Suicide Gums would like to thank anybody who read this so far and anybody who is interested in the band.
That's something you can't ask for.
We would also like to propose a toast to the caterers.

Here we go again...